Data Migration: A summary of my posts!

Over the last 3+ months, I have outlined my thoughts on data migration. In order to be successful with large scale implementations of business systems like (ERP, PLM, CRM, BPM etc.), data migration is a key element.

Data migration is often ignored and not enough attention is paid to this portion of the overall project.

The methodology I have outlined in these posts can be applied to a number of projects including data consolidation, server consolidation, migration from one application to another and the list goes on.

The key is to pay attention to the business needs and to make them successful by taking care of the technology and project management issues!

Good Luck.

1. Data Migration: Challenges & Joy!

2. Data Migration: Challenges & Joy!

3. Rules For Successful Data Migration

4. Phases of Data migration

5. Phases of Data migration

6. Phases of Data migration: Analysis

7. Phases of Data migration: Design

8. Phases of Data migration: Test

9. Phases of Data migration: Validation

10. Data migration: Risks

11. Tips for Successful Data Migration.

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