Phases of Data migration

Just like SDLC, I would like to propose distinct phases and stage gates that have to be met in order to complete data migration.

(1) Strategy

(2) Analysis

(3) Design (& build)

(4) Test

(5) Validation

In this post, let us focus on the strategy or planning phase. The first step is to put together a plan. The data migration plan should describe, in detail,

(1) Scope of the project

(2) Criteria for a successful migration

(3) Who is the decision making authority of each of the data domains (should be from the business organization)

(4) What data needs to be migrated (full or a subset)

(5) Timing

(6) Requirements from hardware, software perspective

(7) Resource requirements

(8) Budget requirements

(9) Roles and responsibilities

(10) Assumptions

(11) Risks

(12) Risk mitigation / Contingency

The plan also sets expectations up front with customers about the complexity of the migration, timing, and potential issues and concerns. Remember this is the first cut at the plan; this can be refined as move along your project. If you make any changes, remember to socialize with governance and accountability system.

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