Better Resource Utilization - Using Business Applications?

In an earlier post, I had outlined an idea to improve the usability of enterprise systems by creating a unified task dashboard. By having one dashboard for all activities, which could span multiple applications, users/resources can get a holistic view.

In this post, I want to extend this idea and would like to propose to the software companies/product manager’s work on expanding the capabilities of their tasks/work flows and start looking into unified resource utilization!

The first step would be to capture business process execution with accurate tasks within workflows. The second step would be to accurately estimate the time required to perform the tasks.

If and when we can track all tasks across all applications, we should be able to generate data, reports and metrics on resource utilization and be able to estimate current and future work loads accurately and be able to assign the right resources to the right problem and thus improve effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

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