Unified Task Dashboard! Utopia?

In an earlier post, I had listed a number of emerging or new TLA's (three letter acronyms) in the enterprise application space like ERP, PLM, PDM, CRM, SCM, SRM, BPM etc...As the usage of these of applications and technologies mature within different organizations, users will soon have a set of task dashboards which outline the tasks they have been assigned within each of these applications and when it is due.

this begs the question, if we can integrate applications and have strategies like data integration / master data integration why cant we integrate the applications and create a unified task dashboard?

Most of the integrated software vendors could provide this capability but companies which have chosen best of breed applications will struggle with this unless they learn to federate and build services which can kick off / complete tasks and seamlessly integrate the applications and provide their users with one interface.

This could impact user adoption and greatly increase speed to proficiency of users and is rarely considered during software selection, planning and implementation!

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