The 10 Questions Every Change Agent Must Answer

I came across this blog entry, from Harvard Business School. I highly recommend reading the article and going through each and every one of the questions to see whether you are on the right track!
It's time to do — and get — something different. Here, then, are ten questions that leaders must ask of themselves and their organizations —
1. Do you see opportunities the competition doesn't see?
2. Do you have new ideas about where to look for new ideas?
3. Are you the most of anything?
4. If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would miss you and why?
5. Have you figured out how your organization's history can help to shape its future?
6. Can your customers live without you?
7. Do you treat different customers differently?
8. Are you getting the best contributions from the most people?
9. Are you consistent in your commitment to change?
10. Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?

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